Like a phoenix

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Here it is: a new fresh blog, built from scratch, and with some new content (hopefully). The paint is still fresh, and things are not perfect yet, but as usual in software development: it’s better to release an imperfect product now than a hypothetical perfect one in the future.

I lost my previous blog, it literally burned down along with a lot of other websites hosted by OVH, at Strasbourg ; so I decided to start over with something new even if I had some backups.

I took this unfortunate fire as an opportunity to change this blog, to focus on subjects related to development.

I decided to go for an entirely static website, built with jekyll. I don’t need the whole machinery of a Wordpress that I used before.

A static website means that I will write code that will be saved on my github account, and then generate the whole website as static files.

It means that this blog will be fast to load and light for my server.

Comments are still integrated on this blog with staticman, which runs a separate node process that creates pull requests on my repository (this is crazy).



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